Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The adventures of Vincent, Verity and a Variety of Vacationing Visogs

The lovely Sheila Swanson at Oil and Glass Gallery and Workshop has declared March to be Visog Aid Month.  Oil and Glass very kindly chose Shopmobility Aberdeen to be one of the charities being supported and for each Green Visog sold they will be donating £1-00 to us.

What's a Visog? a Visog is a cute little glass friend who will brighten your day, your keys, your bag, phone or anywhere you want to hang them.

We are looking to have as many Little Green Men as possible out and about and are encouraging you to take photographs of your visiting Visog  and tell us a story about their day out.

Visogs from Oil and Glass, get yours now at their online shop!

Vincent Visog with the RBS Six Nationa Championship Trophy
Vincent Visog Visiting The Green
Go and grab our very own Visog and join in the fun.

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