Thursday, 2 February 2017

Little Angus On Tour

Ye May Gang Faur and Fare Waur

Translated it means "You could go far and fare much worse".  This is the sign above the truckers cafe at Stracathro near Brechin, and having sampled their bacon buns, I'm inclined to agree (they are a delicious way to a heart attack).  

Not so for Little Angus the Bull and Donny the Sheep however, they have fared very well on their world tour which they embarked upon late last year. This is a journey which will see them clock up 84,405 miles, and they have been warmly welcomed everywhere.  They have been hosted in family homes, places of work, churches, sporting venues and have even helped open a library as part of their tour.

Below are a few examples from China, USA, South Africa and our very own Aberdeen Scotland.

To get the full story, and follow the adventures of Little Angus and Little Donny follow them on Facebook and Twitter or their own Blog  You can also find them and their cultural exchange series Parliamo Doric on YouTube.