Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Angus' Grand Tour

A young bull on a quest

Shopmobility Aberdeen turned 21 last year, which got us thinking about all the people we have served during that time and all the places they have come from.  Aberdeen is a city which attracts people from all over the world to live and work as well as visit and this has led to us having clients from every continent. Many thousands of people have visited and enjoyed all that our city has to offer thanks to the services we provide.

As well as people from all over the world flocking to our Aberdeen, Aberdonians have traveled to all four corners of the globe (wait, globes don't have corners) and settled down to make these places their home and in many cases called these places Aberdeen (presumably to save confusion) in addition to this, because of the business interests of various Lord Aberdeen's over the years, there are towns, cities and geographical features all over the world named Aberdeen.

We began to wonder what our fellow Aberdonians were up to, especially as this is the year of Homecoming  in Scotland, we decided that we should have a family get together.

To achieve this, we needed an envoy, someone who we could all get behind.  With the support of Aberdeen Football Club, we chose Little Angus The Bull, cousin of Angus the Bull the AFC mascot. Each Aberdeen will be asked to provide Angus with a host who will help him discover all that is unique, beautiful, interesting, quirky and note worthy about their Aberdeen, help him with his holiday snaps and share with him everything that best showcases their Aberdeen.
Little Angus visits Marischal College, Aberdeen, UK

This is our simple, fun and slightly odd way of extending the hand of friendship.  To bring the event to a close, and to strengthen the newly made bonds of friendship between the respective Aberdeen's we plan to hold an exhibition displaying all the photographs and ephemera participants have shared, it may even be possible to turn this into a touring exhibition which could visit those Aberdeen's who participated.

Little Angus has looked at the map, identified 21 Aberdeen's he would like to visit, arranged his passage thanks to the Lord Provost of Aberdeen George Adam and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and gathered a few tokens for his hosts.  Angus is almost ready for the off, but he plans to investigate what his own Aberdeen has to offer first so he can tell everyone just how wonderful it really is.
Little Angus outside The Central Library, St Marks Church and His Majesty's Theatre better known to the locals as Education, Salvation and Damnation!