Thursday, 2 October 2014

Adios Dolphins

The Dolphin Trail is over

All 50 Wild Dolphins have found new homes and raised an incredible £531,000  for the ARCHIE Foundation and for Whale and Dolphin Conservation.  The benefit of having these beautiful pieces of art all over the city was clear for all to see. People of all ages and abilities were inspired to go and investigate Aberdeen in search of the Dolphins.  Forgotten gems and once beloved places that had not been visited since childhood were re-discovered.  Conversations were started amongst strangers comparing notes on which Dolphin they had found and which was their favourite so far.  All in all this project by Wild in Art was hugely successful in bringing a sense of community and shared interest to the citizens of Aberdeen and its visitors.

Below are all 50 of the Dolphins which were part of the original trail, and a sneeky late entry in the form of Tartan Tam who was a little dolphin created for the auction. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them with Little Angus the Bull.

There is a rumour going round that another Wild in Art trail might be visiting Aberdeen in 2016! So, which animal should they choose for next time?