Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sustainable Connections Transport Team SCoTT

Climate Challenge Fund Project

Thanks to a grant from the Scottish Governments Climate Challenge fund, we were able to introduce a new string to the Shopmobility Aberdeen bow in the shape of the Sustainable Connections Transport Team (SCoTT) project.  In an earlier post (find it here) we tried to explain the value of this new service and the benefits it could bring to those who used it, but this short video does a much better job.

The Climate Challenge Fund grant has now come to an end but the service carries on, it has become so important and integral to the lives of those who have embraced its use (as we knew it would) that Shopmobility Aberdeen is committed to its continuation.

The link below will take you to the final report we submitted to the Climate Challenge Fund.
SCoTT Project Report  makes good bedtime reading, you will be in the Land of Nod in no time.