Thursday, 6 March 2014

Community Poem Project

Shopmobility Aberdeen is currently working with a number of local schools to create community poems. We are hoping to open this project up to other members of the community for this years National Poetry Day 2nd October, 2014.

The theme this year is Remember.

To get your school, church, club, association or community group involved please email Andy on

Water  Balmedie Primary School   

We live by the sea
Our beautiful beach
With gigantic sand dunes 
And sparkling waves
Beneath a sizzling sun
The salty sea, as blue as the sky,
Bathes shoals of fish
As waters grab hold of the sands
Sea, as clear as glass,
Helps seaweed swim around rocks,
And glitters in the sunshine
Crashing on warming shores
Dark, greying skies pour torrential rain
As we shout and sing into the wind
While wandering waves lap
At tired feet.
Balmedie Slumbers
Tides ebb and flow, peacefully
As seals pop heads above water
To bid us good night.

Water Bramble Brae Primary School  

Imagine your bath was different
It's full of tadpoles and frogs
And the gurgling, swirling water stream
Is being lapped at by thirsty dogs
The Amazon Basin is your front room
You have Rainforest on the stair
And you use the foamy whirlpool 
To wash your dirty hair.
The washing machine is a waterfall
The dishwasher, a Tsunami
And each time she opens up the door
Water swooshes over Mammy
But water keeps us healthy
Showers keep us clean and cool
We put it in our fish tanks
Or in our swimming pool
Just remember when you're thirsty
Those who walk for miles each day
To reach their local water well
To try and drink fresh water each day

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