Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sustainable Connections Transport Team

Are You....

Finding it difficult to move around Aberdeen? is this because of physical disability, sensory impairment, because of age related problems, stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, illness or injury? Do you find that public transport is difficult for you.  Perhaps all you need is companionship or support?

Do You Enjoy...

Being part of the local community, having conversations with interesting people about a range of topics, visiting the city centre, saving some money and, at the same time, the environment?

Are You A Pioneer?

Then SCOTT is for you.

The Sustainable Connections Transport Team (SCOTT) is a pioneering new way for people who face barriers to their mobility to access Aberdeen City Centre.  Using SCOTT will be fun and will broaden your horizons, help you get around, meet new people and boost your confidence.

Are You....

Outgoing, Motivated, Enthusiastic?

Do You Enjoy...

Company, Socialising, Conversation?

Are You Keen To....

Build your Confidence, Learn, Develop Existing Skills, Have a positive Impact on Your Community and Its Environment?

Are You A Revolutionary?

Then SCOTT has the perfect opportunity for you!

SCOTT is going to revolutionise the way people who face barriers to their mobility access Aberdeen City Centre.  Volunteering with SCOTT will be fun, will equip you with transferable skills for employment and boost your confidence.


(who wouldn't be)

Contact Kam Wozniak to speak about using or volunteering with SCOTT

Call: 01224 254338
Text: 07436102939

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