Thursday, 1 December 2016

A Family Gathering on a Grand Scale

Little Angus on Tour

The aim of Shopmobility Aberdeen is to make Aberdeen as inclusive a place as is possible for all its citizens and visitors. Civic pride is very important to us, we firmly believe that Aberdeen is the best little City in the world, but it occurred to us that other Aberdonians might just feel the same way.

There are over 30 Aberdeens' dotted throughout the world, and we decided to reach out to them to share our joy, passion and pride in our Aberdeen and for them to share theirs with us.  

We needed an ambassador to help us connect with our international family and who better than Angus the Bull, the mascot of Aberdeen Football Club.

Angus himself had lots of appearances to make at Pittodrie Stadium and wasn't available but his cousin, Little Angus the Bull was up for the challenge and volunteered to go in his place. Donny the Sheep the mascot for the AFC Community Trust volunteered his cousin to go along too so our intrepid adventurers set off from Pittodrie Stadium.  To see them off and wish them well on their journey was Lord Provost George Adam, Angus the Bull, Donny the Sheep, representatives from Shopmobility Aberdeen, White Wolf Collective and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

Little Angus and Little Donny have traveled to the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Sierra Leone and China, and we are really excited to see where they go, who they meet and what they get up to on their trip.

Follow their exploits on

We welcome any ideas and suggestions of where in Aberdeen Scotland and the surrounding area you would like Little Angus and Little Donny to go to best showcase what we have to share, if you would like them to make a guest appearance at any events etc please get in touch and we will try to make that happen.

Lets reach out to our fellow Aberdonians wherever in the world they may be.

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